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Happiness – who doesn’t seek that? 2015 marks 170 years since the death of Sydney Smith, nonetheless his thoughts on a comfortable home are as relevant today as ever before, or at least in our minds! When looking for accommodation in our great city of London, Merino Hospitality could not agree more with English author and wit Sydney Smith’s insight regarding bricks and mortar. In an era when choosing your home comes with a great price tag, why not seek the very best that it can buy? If Smith was right, you will be securing your very own slice of happiness!

Sydney Smith is just one of the many famous faces to have laid his hat in beautiful Bloomsbury, where Merino Hospitality calls home. He lived at 14 Doughty Street and a plaque has been fixed outside the house since 1905 to mark this historical site. English Heritage is a UK registered charity that is dedicated to caring for more than 400 historic buildings, monuments and sites throughout England. As part of their great work, they run the Blue Plaque scheme which was originally founded in 1866 by the Royal Society of Arts. Blue plaques are placed on buildings throughout London to celebrate the diverse architecture within our capital city and demonstrate the plethora of famous figures that have worked here or made this place home. There are currently no less than 880 blue plaques across the capital and 2016 will mark the 150th anniversary of this magnificent scheme.

There is no shortage of blue plaques in Bloomsbury, making the streets buzz with the history of its former residents and past accomplishments. Taking a short stroll from any of our serene properties will lead you in the footsteps of great writers, poets, reformers, an intelligence officer, scholars, architects, inventors and even a clown! Let your feet lead the way on a saunter around Bloomsbury and see how many plaques you can find, you will not be disappointed by the boutique shops, yummy treats and tree lined streets that you will encounter along the way.

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by Louise Carr-Merino

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