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If you are looking for a sound investment in London, be it as a property partner, a Joint Venture, or if you are a Venture Capitalist, we want to hear from you.

We are on constant lookout for new interesting properties and projects.  We have inside knowledge of London’s property market, regularly getting the first shot at properties off-market. We work closely with investors throughout the process of acquiring, planning and developing a new or existing property in your portfolio to achieve increased revenue and greater capital growth.

With increased demand for serviced accommodation, combined with our exclusive product and service offer, we are expanding our portfolio. We currently have a range of unique buildings and projects that we selected to offer JV partners a sound investment opportunity.

As a VC, Merino Hospitality comes to you as the company that will make history in the Hospitality industry. We are in business to set new benchmarks to the industry and break new ground in accommodation solutions for travellers. Our ambitions are high and we are currently developing a range of new products and services to diversify our portfolio, increase our market presence, acquire, retain and develop talent and become the leading global reference in private accommodation.

Our vision is quite simple: Make People Happy! To our guests, happiness comes in the form of a great product and value; to our team, the opportunity to grow and develop their careers doing what they love; to our investors, it is achieving greater incomes, and to us all it is to make a positive difference in people’s lives.

Get in touch with us today to find out more how you can take part in our quest for success.

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