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Handy – Free Smartphones

Introducing Handy! 

Free Calls, Unlimited Data, Exclusive Promotions

Merino is now proud to provide each Apartment and Mews with their own Handy smartphone.  Handy phones offer guest access to incredible local deals combined with free local and international calls and unlimited data.

Unlimited data connectivity

Unlimited IDD calls – Selected Countries incl: EU, USA, CA, AUS, HK, BR and more

Useful Apps: Google Suite, City Mapper

City Guide with Content personalised to users

1 stop/click purchase for local attractions and special exclusive promotions

Safety and Security:  You can pre-set an automatic data wipe at any time.  When you are ready to check-out merely swipe to delete all phone data, including: personal accounts and related information, downloads, data usage/history and call history.   Don’t worry if you forget, Merino’s operations staff automatically wipe all phones prior to guest arrival as a built-in redundancy to ensure your data and personal information.

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