When travelling, sometimes it’s great to feel at home…

Have you ever noticed – even on the most exotic holiday – that having a few “home comforts” around you can make a holiday or business trip even more special?

Be honest, are you one of those people who packs tins of beans or a favourite pillow when you fly? Apparently, the most common must-have item to be found in luggage is teabags!

If this rings bells with you, then you are far from alone. One holiday company (Jet2Villas) did a survey that showed that on average, when the British depart for their holidays they take three home comforts in their suitcase.  In fact, 20% of those surveyed admitted to taking five familiar items whenever they leave home.

Places to stay to feel at home

There’s a lot to be said too, for accommodation that offers comforts and layouts that are luxurious but “homely”.

The main reason we seek out places to stay that are a home-from-home (or pack things from our everyday life) is that we want to be able to relax.

Trips to new or even familiar locations are not always about squeezing in as much stimulation, interest and excitement as possible. Many of these trips – holidays or business reasons – need an element of being able to unwind, especially for business travel.

After a long day of sightseeing or attending conferences and meetings, returning to accommodations that’s not too alien or overwhelming can be important to help you feel comfortable.

Finding pockets of calm in a home-from-home

What better time is there, to soak up some rest and relaxation, than on holiday, but for that to happen we need comforting surroundings.

Finding your niche or Zen spot in a hotel room is a bit more challenging as they are not always designed for people to linger in. However, if you are staying in a serviced apartment of a high standard, you can soak up the overall ambience and pick out your own “peace perch”.

It can be as simple as having a lovely armchair to sink into, to watch TV, read a book or play on a device; while surrounded by soothing interior design that make us feel like we can just “be ourselves”.

Cooking up holiday success

The same principle applies to eating while on holiday – particularly if you are travelling as a family. Things that are familiar and “reliable” are often a great source of reassurance.

People don’t always want to go out to fancy restaurants when they are on business or pleasure trips either.  “Too much of a good thing” can become wearisome or overwhelming. Instead, holidaymakers and those travelling for business can start to feel nostalgic for their own kitchen. After all, that’s where you are in control and can make dishes to your exact preferences.

Better still, with a well-equipped and easy to use kitchen in serviced accommodation, you can enjoy some cooking therapy in time and space we struggle to find in our normal routine.

For details of Merino Hospitality accommodation in London –  ‘your home in central London’ with a touch of class, abundant space and perfect locations – call us today.

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