The London Arts Scene

London’s crown as the Arts capital of the world shows no sign of slipping.

Merino was fortunate over the winter to have a celebrity stay with us.  This maestro has been involved in music, ballet and even opera.   We felt it would be important and worthwhile  to have a look at London’s Arts scene.

Though funding for the Arts has been squeezed in recent times, the London powerhouses have risen to the challenge and continued to make the English capital a leading force across all genres. In fact London leads the way for all the UK Visual Arts sector, which as a whole accounts for 30% of the global art market.

The best of the past and contemporary Arts

Much in common with other aspects of this fascinating city, London has managed to mesh together its historical arts perspective, with achingly modern offerings too. While The Globe Theatre has painstakingly reproduced the original Shakespearean experience, if you prefer Contemporary Performance Art, The Tate Modern is where many pieces have their debut.

Music menu

London’s rich track record for nurturing music talent continues with its provision of over 17,000 music performances each year. It’s 300 plus high calibre venues include the enviably successful O2 arena.  With the festival season starting soon, the countryside around London soon becomes alive with music as well.

Out of the streets

Though it’s home to opera and ballet companies in demand worldwide, London has always found ways to make the arts accessible to the man and woman on the street too.  This includes some 250 arts festivals, many inspired by the Notting Hill Carnival which attracts near one million people a year. There are street performers throughout the capital year-round. However, Covent Garden in particular, is a hot bed of both quirky and high quality “impromptu” performances.

Cream of Comedy

If comedy is your thing and you haven’t been to London, then the joke is on you, as the city attracts top names to perform in its arenas. Some of the biggest names in entertainment also test their material in the city’s pubs and comedy clubs too.   Comedy nights and acts can be found in every area and region in London.   For those looking for something a bit more involved there are numerous plays that highlight the wonderful acerbic wit found on our wonderful island.

All the world’s a stage

No whistle stop tour of London’s prestigious Arts offering would be complete without mentioning the theatres clustered in to part of the city. The glamour of Broadway is echoed in London’s West End. Did you know, though Broadway has more seats than its UK counterpart, London’s West End attracts more theatre visitors?

After the final curtain?

There literally is tempting arts performance every night of the year in London, which means visitors will never been disappointed.
Whatever your taste or pleasure there something for everyone in the vibrant London Arts scene.

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