January Blues – How travel can help you beat it to start the new year on the right foot

January Blues – How travel can help you beat it and start the new year on the right foot

January Blues are a very real thing.

That’s true no matter where you live in the world, but particularly in the Northern hemisphere where daylight is in short supply. The festive season is also over, and life falls a little flat.   Medical science has long acknowledged the worst form of this – seasonal affective disorder (SAD) – which is also known as “winter depression”. In fact, the NHS believes one in every 15 people in the UK suffer from SAD*.

So, what do you do, to combat the January Blues?

Without doubt one of the best “cures” is to plan something special and uplifting to raise your spirits.  According to research published in the journal of Psychology and Marketing, shopping for something that is pleasurable brings long term benefits, as “retail therapy has lasting positive impact on mood.”**  And what could be better for improving your sense of wellbeing than buying something that offers “escapism”, an adventure or a trip away that gives you that thrill of excitement.

 Simple, easy plans for 2018 fun and exploration

In a nutshell, having a holiday or short break to look forward to is a great mood enhancer.   Of course, if you have the sort of cash that is needed for a deposit on a world cruise or a buying a villa in the South of France, then by all means go for it.  However, for most people the ideal would be to find a 2018 holiday or break that is more manageable financially, but that still offers the ultimate in relaxation and “me time”.  This could be to somewhere completely new, that represents a challenge and fresh stimulation. Or to a destination that is familiar and much-loved.  The important thing is to find and arrange a travel opportunity that offers the sort of excitement, enjoyment and relaxation that best suits you.

Something for everyone in London 2018

If you want a holiday or break that wraps everything up into one unmissable opportunity, then a stay at a perfectly located Merino apartment or mews house in London is the answer.

All that you could need or want from a vacation will be close by.  Alternatively, you could just shut the door and soak up the benefits of your personalised, spacious and stunning London pied-a-terre.  So, before you even start to feel gloomy, pick up the phone and chat to us about booking a truly uplifting stay in London with no strings attached. We will love to help you.

If you choose some of the quieter months: www.merinohospitality.com/offers Now that really should bring a smile to your face.

* source: https://www.mentalhealth.org.uk/a-to-z/s/seasonal-affective-disorder-sad

** source: http://www.whowhatwear.co.uk/retail-therapy

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