How to enjoy stress free relocation to London

If you’ve got the opportunity to move to London, then the most important piece of advice is to grab it with both hands!

Whether it’s work or a thirst for culture and heritage that’s bringing you to live in London, or returning to your roots, it’s a great step and you may never want to leave.

It’s a truly remarkable city, with many fascinating aspects and experiences for new residents of all ages and backgrounds. Plus, it has year-round things to do!

London is also a globally significant hub for many key industries, so potential career progression is assured.

Much of London’s charm and appeal can only be appreciated by prolonged periods of living here.  Mingling with the locals is also the only way to see how incredibly diverse and interesting Londoners are!

Whether relocating to London temporarily, or you’ve already decided to make it a permanent stay, like any move it can still be emotionally and physically draining.  Here’s some London relocation advice to make it a great deal easier.

Arrange good temporary accommodation

London (and its suburbs) offers an incredible variety of places to buy or rent property.

Of course, property is not cheap here, and even renting can be a stretch if your income is limited. But the benefits of being in this world renown city are many (which is why housing is so expensive).  And investment in property brings a great return, because demand for London housing is always buoyant.

Due to this choice and diversity, it’s important to take your time over house-hunting. The tendency is to rush in and accept the first available London apartment you can afford. Clearly you want somewhere perfect for you to live but also a location and property type that offers best return on investment.

It makes sense to feel as relaxed and “at home” as possible while you house hunt.

Merino Hospitality is a popular choice for people relocating to London. Our properties are the ideal temporary “home” in London. Especially for people with families. They provide a comfortable and convenient base to start your adventure.

From one of our serviced apartments or mews houses, you can “soak up” all that central London living offers. And find your perfect home without any pressure.

Exploration and research

Knowing London as a tourist and as a “local” are very different. Living here means seeing some of the wonderous and unforgettable aspects that are off grid for the average visitor.

London is a great city to walk around, as long as you break it down and don’t try to do too much in one day! Exploring on foot is a great way to get to know different locations in person.

London’s residential areas suit different preferences as well as different price ranges. The ambience or vibe can sometimes best be appreciated by hanging round in local cafes, restaurants, parks and high streets.

If you have a family, getting the right postcode can mean getting your children in to the best schools in London too. Taking time over research can make a big difference to their futures.

Then of course, you may also want to thoroughly check the transport arrangements for your preferred London locations.  Car parking is at a premium in city centre residential areas, and you may prefer to rely more on public transport as much as possible.

 If you are going to be living outside London and commuting in, you could well need to investigate timetables and reliability right across the week.

Live London from day one

Any move to a new city can be a lonely and overwhelming business.

As mentioned above, it’s recommended that you get “out and about” as quickly as possible and immerse yourself in the types of activities you prefer.   Staying in Merino’s central London serviced accommodation gives you chance to “live” in the city from day one.

London is vast and has its loud, brash, in your face sides to it.  You may crave that! Or, you may possibly want to find its abundant indoor and outdoor places for peace, quiet and reflection.

It’s all there waiting, and the team at Merino Hospitality would be happy to guide you in the right direction!

We can even help you to make sense of London’s extensive public transport system, to get you “living the life” that London offers as soon as possible.

So, is living in a big city lonely? Not if you get Merino in your team to help with your London relocation, We love welcoming new London residents!

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