Easter Celebrations at Merino

Whilst discussing our Easter plans in the office this morning we were reminded of what a multi-cultural team we are here at Merino! There were five of us in the office today, from five different countries with very different Easter customs. The conversation started with Caio sharing how he spent the previous evening making an Easter bonnet for his and Louise’s son Jonas to wear to nursery. The result was an absolute triumph and who knew Caio had such a flair for millinery?

I also recall making Easter bonnets as a child and hand painting eggs. I remember blowing eggs to paint and accidentally sucking through the straw, instead of blowing, and getting a mouthful of raw egg! I was not a happy Easter bunny!

Victoria, our resident Marketing and PR whizz, had us all enthralled as she told us about her childhood Easters in Sweden, they are a stark contrast to the English customs.  Sweden has Easter celebrations that are deeply rooted in the old Christian witch-hunt times. The celebrations last from Maundy Thursday until Easter Monday. In the olden days it was thought that on Maundy Thursday, all the Witches would fly off on their broomsticks to Blåkulla to have a weekend of fun and dancing with Satan. Today, children in Sweden celebrate by dressing up as little witches. So Victoria would get dressed up in headscarf, long skirt, painted cheeks and freckles and then her and her friends would take part in egg hunts in one of the local forests.

Image from Time.com

When booking a property at Merino you will most probably speak with Daniela. Daniela is from Germany but moved to London for her degree in Hotel Management. In Germany they decorate Easter trees and also create nests out of willow branches and moss. They also would then take part in egg hunts and then put their chocolate bounty inside their nests.  Here is Daniela standing front and centre with one of her Easter nests.

Our Operations Supervisor Juan is Spanish and it seems that his childhood Easter was the least about Eggs and Chocolate.  Spain being home to rich culture and heritage, the Easter traditions are marked with true Spanish spirit and color. The Easter traditions in Spain start from the Palm Sunday and continue till Easter Monday. Palm Sunday in Spanish is called Domingo de Ramos and Easter Monday is known as Lunes de Pascua. Juan remembers standing with his family watching the procession of the effigies through the town.

Image from VisitElche.com

We really enjoyed sharing our Easter memories and would love to hear more! Please drop us a line and tell us how they celebrate this time of year where you live.


Easter Blessings from all of us at Merino!


Rebecca Clarke

Merino Hospitality

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