Five Reasons to visit London in 2018

Five excellent reasons to visit London in 2018

The wonderful thing about England’s capital city, is that it can be all things, to all people.

Whatever you seek from an authentic cosmopolitan city experience in Europe, that’s what London has by the lorry load.

However, though it oozes history, entertainment and retail abundance, London has a soft underbelly too, making it the perfect choice for holidays that require something more tranquil and laid back.

We could spend hours telling you the reasons to travel to this fascinating city and stay there for awhile to soak up all it has to offer but to make it easier for you we have narrowed ourselves to five of the best reasons to book a stay in London in 2018.

  • Globally significant for heritage, culture and more

What happens in London influences fashions, trends and past times the world over.

From the catwalks to the theatres, from the designer stores to the international cuisine, London leads the way.

Walk down any London city centre street and you will see architecture that encapsulates its rich history and global providence. It reflects the fact that London has been one of the most influential world cities for a very long time.


  • London never stands still

We could reel out a list of landmarks, tourist attractions and shops for you to visit, but one of the best reasons to book a stay in London next year, is that it keeps on changing.

Even we struggle to keep up with the bountiful new opportunities it provides for exploring, experimenting, learning, shopping, eating out and relaxing.


  • Foodies paradise

London offers far more than a huge banquet of eating out options. It also caters brilliantly for those who prefer more intimate or self-created dining.

If you stay in a beautifully appointed Merino apartment or mews home, you will have all you need to prepare lavish meals; including fresh produce sold in specialist food stores  and lively markets throughout London.  Fine wines or craft beers to go with your meal are also easily accessible and we can also provide you with your own private chef, cooking lessons and grocery shopping ahead of your arrival.


  • Space to breathe and unwind

How many other world capitals offer the same extraordinary combination of stimulation and relaxation that London does?

If you are staying awhile, you can make the most of London’s abundant night life and day time activities, or simply sit peacefully with a book in some of its abundant, lush greenery.

This includes eight gorgeous royal parks, covering 4,882 acres of perfectly maintained green space to breathe in.

Round many corners you will find attractive garden squares and some key buildings feature breath-taking roof gardens.

Do you prefer your dose of tranquillity indoors? Then you will find a menu of spas and alternative therapies that’s the envy of the world.


  • Live the British lifestyle, with the world at your feet

London has captured all that is wonderful about Britain and the British lifestyle. Staying in one of the highly personalised Merino accommodations means you can truly immerse yourself in it all. And, you will never be far away from food, culture and shopping that draws inspiration from every other corner of the globe.

This is such an attractive, vibrant capital city, that all the world is here! So, come join in and book a stay in London for 2018.

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